Resource Guide

This guide has a very broad goal: to connect our users and constituents (YOU!) with relevant resources and links you might be interested in.
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(last updated 1/5/03)

Non-Profit & Private Land Conservation
and Watershed, River, & Coastal Zone Protection Organizations

In the Androscoggin Valley Watershed:

Mahoosuc Land Trust,
Jim Mitchell, Executive Director, P.O. Box 981, Bethel, Maine 04217
(207)824-3806 [email protected]
Land protection projects; virtual community forest

Androscoggin Land Trust
Land protection projects: history of the Androscoggin River

Friends of Merrymeeting Bay
Interdisciplinary view of Merrymeeting bay; Links to Hands around the Bay -program to build community awareness; projects around the Bay; natural history; current issues and challenges

Media Outlets in the Androscoggin Watershed - Newspapers, Television, Radio, and Organizational Newsletters. This is where to send your next press release!


In Maine:

MAINE RIVERS provides news and calendars, issues and actions, and Maine watershed profiles.

GULF OF MAINE COUNCIL ON THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT provides a discussion forum and the Supporting Actions Matrix (SAM).

Casco Bay Estuary Project
Cooperative effort to protect the health and integrity of Casco Bay; Links to Toxics; habitat protection; State of the Bay Report

Maine Stream Team Program


Project SHARE (Salmon Habitat And River Enhancement), Little Falls Research Station, Cherryfield: [email protected]


In The U.S.:

CENTER FOR WATERSHED PROTECTION provides model ordinances, workshop schedules, and links.

RIVER NETWORK provides a river and conservation directory, a calendar of events, listserves, publications and watershed assistance grants.

Connecticut River Joint Commissions
Excellent fact series on riparian buffers; Links to watershed education and managing land for clean water

State Government Organizations and Contacts

Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Reports on dioxin and other toxics; links to the Bureau of Land and Water Quality (streams, education, grants/loans, monitoring/assessment, watershed planning & management, etc.)

Maine Department of Marine Resources

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Reports on dioxin and other toxics; links to Water Resources and Quality;Watershed
Management Bureau; Rivers Management and Protection Program

Federal Government Organizations and Contacts

THE EPA WATERSHED ACADEMY offers training courses, publications, and distance learning.

US Geological Survey - Water resources in Maine and NH
Daily stream flow data from selected sites; additional hydrological data; reports and products

Information about Towns in the Androscoggin Watershed

Chambers of Commerce



 Northern White Mountain (NH)

Umbagog (NH)

Jackson, NH

Bethel, ME

Lewiston-Auburn (ME)

Rumford, ME

Oxford Hills (ME)

Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls (ME)

Rangeley Lakes (ME)

Farmington, Wilton (ME)

Bath, Brunswick (ME)


A list of all chambers of commerce in Maine can be found at:


Town Offices and Information (coming soon)

Subwatersheds of the Androscoggin River
(coming soon)

Household Hazardous Chemicals

Many chemicals that you use in your home can be very harmful if they end up in the soil, in our water treatment system, or if children get ahold of them. Chemicals like bleach, oven cleaner, and insect killer can end up causing damage to plants and animals in our watershed. These links offer some safer alternatives for commonly-used chemicals.

Many household chemicals cannot be simply flushed down the toilet. Motor oil, antifreeze, brake and other hydraulic fluids, mercury, paints, thinners, lacquers, varnishes -- most chemicals with warning labels -- should be disposed of through municipal collections. Simply throwing them out with household garbage can end up contaminating landfills, groundwater, and drinking water supplies. Approximately 3% of households participate in HHW collections in our area. To
participate in the next municipal collection in your area, start NOW by storing your wastes securely in non-leaking containerson your property. Do not mix types of waste!

University of Missouri: Alternatives to Household Hazardous Chemicals
National Safety Council: Household Hazardous Chemicals & Alternatives
Ohio EPA's page on Household Alternatives and Hazardous Wastes
City of Dover (NH) Guide to Household Chemical Alternatives

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Days by Town

Many towns in the Maine section of our watershed coordinate their HHW collections with the help of the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (AVCOG). Contact Fergus Lea at (207) 783-9186 for details.

Brunswick residents: A HHW collection is tentatively scheduled for 23 October. Call Mike Claus at (207) 725-6654 for more information.

In New Hampshire section of our Watershed, the Annual HHW collection day takes place on the first Saturday in June. Contact Sharon Gauthier and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for more details.

Recreation on the River:
Maps with access points and information