Source to the Sea Canoe Trek

2001 Trek Poster by Jon Luoma


2003 Trek dates: July 5 - 25

Trek Schedule and Events 2002

River Journal from 2000 Canoe Trek (a first-hand account of trekking the Androscoggin

Slideshow from 1999 trek (great visuals!)

When paddlers in the Androscoggin River Source to the Sea Canoe Trek put in this July, it will mark the eighth annual celebration of this river that flows from its headwaters in northeastern New Hampshire to the tidewaters in the Gulf of Maine.

Free and open to the public, the Trek celebrates the renaissance of this formerly polluted New England river, the 170-mile long waterway and its 3,450 square mile watershed. Most Trek participants join the moving river festival as a day trip, but a few hardy souls paddle the entire 21 days. For more information on the 2003 trek, contact Trek Coordintor Barbra Barrett, 207-527-2916, e-mail [email protected]
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The Androscoggin Source to the Sea Canoe Trek
is supported by volunteers, state and local agencies,
foundations and contributions from local sponsors.
Thanks for your support!


WHEN: July 5 to July 25, 2002

WHO: Anyone!

WHERE: Along the 170-mile long Androscoggin River, from its source to the sea!

WHY: To learn about the Androscoggin watershed, have fun, and go canoeing!




The flotilla at Bethel, Maine, 1999


Learn about trout, water quality, pollution prevention and Abenaki legends on the river. There is even a special day for wooden canoes & kayaks!

Paddle one day or several, shuttles and leaders provided.

Enjoy nature walks, cookouts, and celebrations during on shore programs.

Celebrate and join the Androscoggin River Watershed Council, as they work to improve environmental quality and promote healthy and prosperous communities in the Androscoggin River Watershed. Information about the Council will be provided during the trek.

Experience the renaissance of a river that has been a key part of New England's heritage.

Win a canoe from Lincoln Canoe and Kayak. Raffle tickets available during the Trek.

Register! Pre-registration is required for Trek participants for logistical and safety reasons. Please call the contact number or section leader (listed in the schedule) or e-mail to register for the sections you wish to paddle. Some days may have limited capacity.

Who comes on the Trek?

Anyone who wants to go canoeing, learn about the river and have fun!

Is the river difficult?

Most sections of the Trek are flatwater, with a gentle current to move us along. Some sections have rapids and require more experience. Section leaders can advise the level of difficulty of their day.

Do I have to go for the whole twenty-one days?

Absolutely not! Most people come for the day. Information on camping and lodging near the river is available for those who want to paddle consecutive days. A hardy few paddle the whole river-source to the sea!

What about getting back to the beginning?

Trekkers will be shuttled back to the day's starting point at the end of the paddle. On some sections, canoe shuttles will be arranged to get around dams and other obstacles.

I'd like to learn about the river, but I don't want to canoe. What else can I do?

Most days of the Trek have special events onshore for interested people. Check the Trek brochure for events. Cook-outs, slide-shows, tours and other fun.

2000 Trek Poster by Jon Luoma

How much does it cost?

Free! All you have to do is bring a canoe or kayak, lifejackets, a lunch and suitable clothing. And of course a desire to have fun and learn about the wonderful Androscoggin River. Need a paddling partner? The section leader can help find a partner.

How do I find out more?

Call Trek Coordinator, Barbra Barrett at 207-527-2916, e-mail [email protected], or check back here soon!

Slideshow from 1999 trek

Join us on the river!
1999 Trek Poster by Arla Patch